The people of Dimrun have seem to become sick

The Water supply in Dimrun has been tainted. Giant toads and strange frog-men living somewhere upriver appear to be the source.

This now is the time that wood elves return to the region. It isn’t known how they will react to the expanded towns in the West Marches.

There have been sightings of vary large men with multi colored skin in Norburn.

Alinar Syreth’s secret sanctuary has recently hypothesized by scholars from Lusk to be deep within these very woods. Alinar Syreth is a world renowned wizard who is said to have discovered the secrets to eternal life, ironically he died about 67 years ago.

Fresh kobold tails go for about 2 silver a piece.

Naivar Thunderhead, local town artificer, will pay money for magical components, payment may vary

A group of adventurers went missing in the Sissmire a few days past