Gods: During the Age of Myth, numerous gods walked the earth, shaping it the their whims, building their domains, waging war with one another, and recruiting followers to their causes. At after of an immeasurable number of years of this constant struggle, the gods vanished, along with their more “major” marks on the world. Today the most people who live in civilization worship at least one of this “mainstream” pantheon. You are not one of these people. See Cleric section

  • Bhorkun: God of Creation,Protection, and Community.

  • Ava: Goddess of the Sun, Redemption, and Healing

  • Faylin: Goddess of the Nature and Renewal.

  • Lona: Goddess of the Sea, the Moon, and Travel.

  • Yena: Goddess of Creativity, Art, and Love.

  • Olton: God of Wealth, Civilization, and Law.

  • Okarus: God of Magic, Knowledge, and the Stars.

  • Pharasma: Goddess of Life, Death and Fate

  • Reore: God of Balance.