There are three types of magic that the people of Uwen utilize: Arcane, Divine, and Pneuman. Arcane magic involves the manipulation of the ambient magic into a spell that is determined by the caster. The power to control this magic can either be learned through intense study, or granted by another being of great power. This ambient magic is found in most parts of the world, and can become concentrated in areas known as ley lines. It also comes in different forms (elemental, positive, negative, 7 schools of magic) depending on the environment it is found in or where it came from (as with planar portals or artificially created ley lines and other areas of concentrated magic).

Divine magic is granted by elgar or spirits. Elgar are beings that embody a certain aspect of reality (to varying degrees). These aspects can be as broad as goodness or as specific as a single tree. The gods themselves are immensely powerful elgar. Some of them are intelligent enough to understand language and grant requests, but most have a simple, instinctive attraction to individuals who embody the same things they do. This attraction can grant divine magic to that individual if they know how and are strong enough to harness it.

Pneuman magic is magic that is drawn not from the environment or spirits, but the body itself. There are many ways a person can harness this magic, from extreme emotions, a singing voice, or trained discipline. Pneuman magic can have as many effects as the many ways it is drawn forth. Almost all beings that "naturally" produce magical effects utilize this type of magic.

On Nature: While it may seem that nature is seen as good in this setting by the fact that the only god of nature is neutral good, however this is not the case. When a person or people look to worshipping nature they will usually turn to nature spirits rather than Faylin to embody nature. Nature spirits are mostly neutral in alignment but some of them embody all other alignments. Thus a druid/worshipper of nature could be of any alignment.